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Fromagerie Lincet is dedicated to the production of traditional Burgondian and regional cheeses such as Délice de Bourgogne, Chaource AOP, Brillat-Savarin, Epoisses AOP and Soumaintrain IGP.

The Lincet family, originally from the Marne, France, have been cheese makers for five generations. Based in Saligny in the heart of Burgundy since 1957, when they acquired a small dairy that specialized in the production of Saint Florentin. In this great wine region, cheese is also inherantly tied to the terroir. Cheeses like Brillat Savarin marry perfectly with Champagne (barely 60 miles away), and there are few greater pleasures than Epoisses with a glass of white Burgundy like Puilly Fuissé or Gevrey Chambertin. Lincet cheeses are rich and creamy with wonderful lactic notes and range from mushroomy and mild to beefy and pungent.

At Fromagerie Lincet, we draw on traditional production methods to produce the highest quality cheese:

  • The milk collected from dairy farms in the region is inoculated with lactic ferments then with rennet on the arrival at the factory.
  • The molding is carried out the following day, either by hand using a ladle, or mechanically. After draining the cheeses are turned and dry salted.
  • The fresh products are then “dried out” and wrapped within two days.
  • Mature cheeses are sent to the cheese ripening rooms for a minimum of two weeks. It is during this time that the characteristic white rind forms, allowing the cheese to mature and develop its distinct aroma.
  • Washed rind cheeses are made in the same manner, but washed and turned by hand 3 to 4 times per week with Marc de Bourgogne or salt water to help develop their characteristic flavors and aromas.


Délice de Bourgogne

A soft-ripened triple cream cheese that melts on your tongue like butter. Mild and rich flavors with notes of mushroom and a lactic finish. weight: 1/4.4lbs ~ 6/7oz


Chaource PDO

A soft-ripened bloomy rind cheese with a chalky tart center that balances perfectly with the creamy edges. Notes of mushrooms with hints of salt. weight: 6/9oz


Brillat-Savarin Affiné

A classic triple cream cheese named for the gastronome who coined the phrase “tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are.” Lush, rich, and buttery with a bloomy rind. weight: 3/1.1lb ~ 6/7oz


Flavored Délice

The perfect cheese to serve for dessert (sweet flavors are like cheesecake) or as an appetizer. Fresh, with no rind, and a voluptuous texture with notes of fresh cream and a slight tangy finish. Available in a variety of flavors: garlic and herb, truffle, papaya, pineapple cranberry, ginger. weight: 4/7oz ; and in a mini version – weight: 8/1.9oz


Fresh Brillat-Savarin

Brillat Savarin takes its name from a famous 18th century gastronome and is without doubt the most refined of all our French cheeses. It is produced with milk enriched with fresh cream. weight: 4/7oz




Epoisses PDO

A washed rind cow’s milk cheese washed in Marc de Bourgogne. Beefy and bacony, Epoissses is the archetype of strong french cheese. Best served with a white wine from the region. weight: 6/9 oz; coupe 2/2.2 lb


Soumaintrain PGI

Soumaintrain is a cow’s milk washed rind cheese from Burgundy washed only in salt water brine and eaten younger. Slightly more lactic and floral than Epoisses. weight: 6/9 oz 


Rond des Vignes

A small format cow’s milk washed rind cheese. Rond des Vignes will ripen to a creamy gem of a cheese because of the high rind to paste ratio. weight: 9/2.47 oz


Ami du Chambertin

A washed rind cheese from Burgundy inspired by local farmhouse cheeses and created by Raymond Gaugry of our dairy’s namesake. Though higher cylindrical form than other washed rind cheeses of the region, Ami du Chambertin boasts typical sweet and umami flavors reminiscent. weight: 6/7 oz

Plaisir au Chablis

A small format washed rind cheese from Burgundy, washed in Chablis wine. Milder than other cheeses of the region because it is not washed in Marc de Bourgogne, but in Chablis wine. weight: 6/7 oz