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Trou du cru BerthautTrou du Cru


Robert Berthaut create the Trou du Cru in the beginning of the eighties. It's the same making and ripenning technology as the other bigger cheeses of A.O.C. Epoisses.
It's a cheese whose maturing process is completed with the Marc de Bourgogne. It is washed individually in spite of its small size. Its ripening is faster, approximately four weeks, but gives it subtle flavors, both full and fine.
Its shape and preparation make it the convivial cheese par excellence.
Wine Pairing: Chablis
San Francisco Chronicle
Milk (pasteurized)
Type: soft washed rind (edible)
Pungency: Strong smell / mild taste
Optimum Maturation: 5 weeks
Maximum Maturation: 9 weeks
Shape: D: 1.5" - H: 1"
Weight: 2 oz.
Fat Content: 50%
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Trou du Cru repacked
Fromagerie Berthaut 
Packaging: papercup
  Trou du cru